Teacher Training

For Teachers we have three programs. :-

1. Handwriting Improvement workshop. Duration : One Day. Time : 4 hours.

2. Workshop on Graphology (you can easily learn handwriting analysis in one day).

Know your students (people) through handwriting.

3.“YOGA OF MIND” Workshop on “INTEGRITY & HARMONY” for Teachers.

YOGA OF MIND is a Master tool to improve the capacity of mind, develop integrity in personality and harmony in life. With YOGA OF MIND we use INTEGRITY as the MASTER TOOL to overcome all deficiencies and weaknesses in your personality. YOGA OF MIND equips you “The Teachers” with a magical tool that helps you build rapport with your students, you become more creative, flexible, and comprehensive in your approach to help your students & people around you. This will make you an inspiration for your students and the society.

Duration : One day. Time : 4 hours