Handwriting People Say

1. “In India, USA, or any other country, I have seldom seen the equal of Mohan Ray's skill at handwriting”.

Kate Gladstone Handwriting Authority, USA.

2. “Mohan Ray is a man with unique mission, teaching Healthy Handwriting to all citizens hence to make people realize their fill potential”.

Shri Yudhbir Singh Khyalia- Registrar Kurukshtra University

3. “Organizing workshops on healthy handwriting for students & Graphology Seminars for teachers was an eye opening experience”

Dr. (Mrs.) Kusum Khungar, Principal D.A.V Public School, Abohar.

4. “Mohan Ray’s Graphology Seminar for Students and teachers is highly beneficial. This programme helps the individuals to present themselves better and build better relations”.

Dr. H.S Brar, Principal GHG Khalsa College of Education Ludhiana.

5. I have highly benefited from the teaching of Mohan Ray, He has taught me healthy handwriting, I feel confident while writing legible handwriting with improved speed.

Dr. Kshitiz Sharma Student MBBS

6. The power of Healthy Handwriting has opened a whole new world for me. It has made me the most admired teacher amongst all staff members.

Amit Jindal Lecturer in Computer

7. I have improved my grades and gained confidence for examination. I cannot count the benefits, I have got since I attended Healthy Handwriting Workshop.

Ishaan. Student. ST. Kabir School, Chandigarh

8. I enrolled myself at Healthy Handwriting with lot of doubt. I thought that I was very late because of my age. With Mohan Ray, I was able to learn handwriting within few minutes.

Rajiv Kundal -A Bank Officer (Preparing for IAS exam) Delhi

9. “I have improved handwriting from Institute of Healthy Handwriting. I feel more confident now”

Sumit MBA

10. “Mohan Ray conducted workshops & seminars for our Cadets, Colonels & Junior commissioned officers on yoga of mind, handwriting & graphology. He is unique in his approach on helping people improve their performance”

Brig. Ramakrishnan (Administrator Military college Mhow. Madhyapradesh)

11. “Mohan Ray’s session on yoga of mind for Ph.D students enhanced knowledge and skills of the participants & It was highly appreciated by the participants”.

Dr. Latika Sharma (Punjab University Chandigarh)

12. “High commendation to Mr. Mohan Ray for meticulously conducting ‘YOGA OF MIND workshop in our campus. Staff and students were really appreciative about his crisp and clear instruction. I personally feel fascinated about the degree & depth of his knowledge and understanding of the subject”.

Mr. Ashish Sarkar (Principal Bhartiya Vidya bhavan. (Hinganghat) Maharashtra.)

13. “Mr. Mohan Ray conducted a workshop on yoga of mind for our Club members. Yoga of mind is definitely a new way to improve our life style. It is simple, practical and addresses the needs of our modern life.”

Mr. Surindra Aggarwal (President Lions Club (Tinsukia) Assam)