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“Healthy Handwriting”


THE ONLY program IN THE WORLD – Helping people improve handwriting – IN JUST FEW MINUTES.

Any one around the world can JOIN ONLINE COURSE & improve handwriting in just few minutes.

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Mohan Ray(Grapho-psychotherapist) Pioneer: YOGA OF MIND & Healthy Handwriting


Pioneer: "YOGA OF MIND & Healthy Handwriting ". Mohan Ray (grapho-psychotherapist) is an ex -school principal, seasoned authority in education with 29 years of experience in the field of Teaching, Training and coaching. Helping people to become successful and happy, Mohan Ray has conducted over 1000 workshops on Handwriting, Graphology, Teachers Training, Personality Development and Yoga of Mind. 
His uniqueness lies in his skills to help students remove fears, anxiety, become emotionally mature, improve concentration & study skills. 
He trains Professionals for total fitness, improving performance, developing INTEGRITY as an essential element in ones personality and prepares people for bigger opportunities in life.


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