About Us

Healthy Handwriting was founded by Mohan Ray a former school principal in Chandigarh-India for Students, Teachers and Doctors in the region in 2003. Mohan Ray developed a scientific system of handwriting improvement called "Healthy Handwriting".

We at Healthy Handwriting work like doctors. We diagnose difficulties in your handwriting and develop instructions based on your specific needs. We offer a lot of options to improve handwriting and students decide their own steps supported by our scientific approach.

Healthy Handwriting is a Master Tool. It can repair “any style like cursive handwriting, calligraphy, print handwriting, italic handwriting” in just one to two days. We are proving our services all over the world via our live online handwriting course. We provide customised services and we are helping students, teachers, doctors, parents and grand-parents via our handwriting improvement course aka handwriting improvement classes.

Simultaneously, we have been conducting (one to two days) institutional workshops in Schools, colleges, Universities and other organisations in India since 2003. So far we have conducted more than 1600 workshops on cursive handwriting, print handwriting and italic handwriting, calligraphy and handwriting analysis (personality analysis) for Students, UPSC students Teachers, Doctors and other professionals.

We launched our live online handwriting course in 2012. Students learn in their own privacy according to their own convenience. Online handwriting course is first ever service in the world and we have success stories from all over the world.

Healthy handwriting by Mohan Ray is a magical methodology. We have unbelievable success stories like some of our students improve handwriting in just 20to 30 minutes. 50% of our students improve handwriting in just single session of few minutes and others with difficulties like pen holds, postured, writer’s cramp, slow learning paced are able to improve handwriting in 5 to 10hrs by using the techniques of Healthy Handwriting.

We are providing online handwriting course in the name of handwriting for kids, handwriting classes for adults, how to improve handwriting for teenagers and our services are regularity sought by UPSC student in India. Age is just a number in the mind and we can help anyone to improve handwriting.

Important For You

If you are intelligent student, intellectual looking for legible and fast functional handwriting for academic purpose-because you have to write in exams or you love to handwrite a lot-you need customised solutions because our handwriting is different from all others like our finger prints. General method by your handwriting teachers may not work for you in the long run. Ask for customised solutions. General methods do not work for unique problems.