About Healthy Handwriting

Healthy Handwriting was founded in 2003 by Mohan Ray then a school principal in Chandigarh-India. He realized that our handwriting is unique like our finger prints, teachers and students are ignorant about unique patterns in individual handwriting therefore they fail to improve handwriting.

We need customized solutions for definite results. Handwriting improvement is a personal skill development process.

General methods of handwriting improvement cannot solve individual problems. The handwriting improvement course downloaded from websites or purchased from bookshops does not work as a definite solution. When students work with poor handwriting, this causes stress and anxiety..
Discovering a gap between theory and practice in the field of handwriting, Mohan Ray developed a scientific system of handwriting improvement called “Healthy Handwriting a Multi Tool” and started handwriting improvement classes for students, teachers and doctors. It is a ‘quick-fix’ solution to repair handwriting of any style like cursive handwriting, English handwriting, italic handwriting, hindi handwriting” in just one to two days.

We launched our live online handwriting course in 2012. Now people can learn graphology, get online handwriting analysis reports and improve handwriting online confidentially in their own privacy and at their individual speed. We are providing customised services all over the world.

Simultaneously, we have been conducting institutional/corporate workshops all over India. So far we have conducted more than 1600 workshops for Kids, Teenagers and Adult -Students preparing for civil services examination, Teachers, Doctors, Indian Amy officers and other professionals.

Healthy handwriting by Mohan Ray is a magical methodology. We have unbelievable success stories like some of our students improve handwriting in just 20to 30 minutes. 50% of our students improve handwriting in just single session of few minutes and others with difficulties like pen holds, postured, writer’s cramp, slow learning paced are able to improve handwriting in 5 to 10hrs by using the techniques of Healthy Handwriting.

We are providing online handwriting services in the name of: Learn graphology, improve handwriting, get handwriting analysis personality traits reports in 24hrs.Handwriting for classes for kids, handwriting classes for adults, how to improve handwriting for teenagers and our services are regularity sought by students preparing for judiciary and civil services exam in India.

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